Bike puzzle in Seewinkel

Exciting adventure: "Animal secrets in the Seewinkel".

Both Podersdorf am See and Illmitz can be chosen as the starting point for the new bike puzzle. All that is needed is a bicycle and a cell phone and the adventure can begin. Participants get up close and personal with white donkeys, camera sheep, mangaliza pigs, horses and can observe various bird species from a distance. The children learn from Dina, the virtual environmentalist, why it is important to protect nature and its inhabitants.

Children can solve tricky puzzles at eight locations along the approximately 19-kilometer route. To make the adventure even more exciting, augmented reality elements have been added and the real environment supplemented by virtual elements. A code is awarded for each correctly solved task. The solution to the puzzle is then determined with the code breaker.

As a thank you for their commitment, the big and small "honorary nature protectors" receive certificates and a badge in the tourist offices of Podersdorf am See and Illmitz.

Start in Podersdorf am See: Georgshof riding stable, finish in Illmitz: St. Bartholomew's spring (and vice versa).
Riddle booklets are available in the tourist offices or here as download.

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